We at Epic Painting LLC are dedicated to building a values-driven company based on quality craftsmanship, with a focus on detail and safety within the painting and staining segments of the residential and commercial markets.  All our actions are directed towards... 

  • Building lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations
  • Empowering our employees in a way that supports their value to the company
  • Positively impacting the industry by doing the right thing at all times
  • Becoming a key creator in quality environments within our sphere of influence 

We will always strive for the highest level of honesty, fairness and integrity; and we pledge never to compromise these principles.            

Our Story...

Locally owned and operated, Epic Painting has been diligently restoring, coating, and maintaining the finishes of residential and commercial properties throughout our beautiful Northwest since 2008.

Our co-owners and contractors, Dion Robesky and Debie Henkel, have a collective total of more than 55 years of experience in the construction industry and business world. After meeting on the island of Oahu in 2006 and building a solid basis for a working relationship, Dion and Debie made the decision to bring their individual skills and passions together, thus forming Epic Painting LLC.

Dion’s career began in his hometown of Kailua, Hawaii in 1977 with a local construction company. He has since worked on all types of significant projects in the industry, from the pouring of concrete foundations on up to roof installations and just about everything in between – Dion found his calling, however, in restoring a home’s esthetic value with paint and stain coatings.

Debie has lived and worked in the greater Portland area for more than 40 years. She has a bachelor’s degree from Portland State University, and her professional background includes brokering residential real estate, managing installment and commercial credit, and servicing the retail public. 

Since our beginning, Epic Painting has protected everything from single family homes to restaurants, gas stations, corporate office complexes and high-end log, timber, and cedar properties. Our knowledge and expertise in applying high quality coatings in extreme and contrasting climates sets us apart from other paint and stain companies. We continually educate ourselves with the latest products on the market and strive to be a beneficial part of the communities we serve.

Thank you for considering Epic Painting LLC for your project.
                                                         Aloha, from all of us at Epic

Owners of Epic painting LLC, Dion Robesky & Debie Henkel.
   Dion Robesky & Debie Henkel
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